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    Each day, thousands of computer users fall victim to computer viruses, malware, scams, and other threats from the Internet.

    Even the most tech-savvy Internet users will end up with viruses and unwanted software if they do not have proper protection installed on their web browsers. Get BrowserSafeguard now to keep your computer safe.

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    Secure Browsing

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    Do Not Track Functionality

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    Complimentary Security

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    Phishing Protection

Unmatched Security for Browsing the Web

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    Uninterrupted Browsing

    Rather than interrupting each page you visit with safety alerts, BrowserSafeguard operates quietly in the background, only alerting you when there is a danger. There are no annoying popups, false positives, or unnecessary ‘This Site is Safe’ messages.
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    Suspicious Site Warnings

    If a site has suspicious elements or content consistent with other dangerous websites, BrowserSafeguard will alert you and recommend you proceed with caution, so you can avoid giving up any personal information or downloading any suspicious programs.
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    Block Dangerous Content

    BrowserSafeguard delivers a clear roadblock preventing you from accidentaly visiting dangerous websites. If you believe the warning is a mistake or if you want to visit the site anyway, you can click through to view the dangerous site.

Why You Need BrowserSafeguard

  • Additional Protection

    BrowserSafeguard works alongside your other antivirus software and firewalls to provide the safest computing experience possible. You will not need to uninstall or disable your other layers of protection.

    Secure Connection

    BrowserSafeguard protects your internet connection from unwanted and malicious activities. We are constantly updating our extensive list of viruses, unwanted programs, cookies, and unsafe ads to ensure you are safe from threats on the web.

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    Stop Hackers

    Computer hacking is on the rise. As people store more and more valuable data on their computers, hackers have a greater incentive to take over your computer and steal your data. Stop them at the source by browsing safely with BrowserSafeguard.

    Shop safe, Bank safe, Browse Safe

    One common trick online scammers play is to pose as legitimate websites, like your bank or favorite ecommerce store. BrowserSafeguard recognizes and warns you of these phony websites before you enter any personal or identifiable information.

What Makes BrowserSafeguard So Special?

Many available services promise to protect your system. Some of them do an okay job, but only BrowserSafeguard provides complete free protection for all the Internet browsers on your computer.

  • icon No Configuration
    There are no confusing settings to muddle through and no wondering if your computer is secure. After installation, the app works quietly in the background to keep you safe.
  • icon Clear Messaging
    Instead of confusing warnings, error numbers, and ominous messages, BrowserSafeguard provides clear warnings of the danger ahead when you try to visit malicious websites.
  • iconUnintrusive Interface
    BrowserSafeguard only shows up when you need it. The rest of the time it hides away in the task bar, quietly evaluating the safety of the pages you visit.
  • icon Privacy Included
    You do not need to register to use BrowserSafeguard. In fact, we do not collect or store any of your identifiable personal information.
  • iconSearch with Confidence
    Click on links with confidence. You will always know which sites are safe to visit and which could potentially harm your computer of steal your identity.
  • iconUniversal Protection
    BrowserSafeguard works with all your Windows web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

icon Fast Facts

If you have had a virus on your computer before, you know it can be anything from annoying to catastrophic. Act now to protect your system.

  • 99% of viruses come from browsing the Internet
  • Viruses can lead to massive data loss
  • Viruses impair the performance of your computer

Four Tips for Staying Safe Online

Although there are many scams, computer viruses, and malicious website online, the Internet does not have to be a scary place. By following these few simple tips, you can keep your sensitive information and personal data safe while surfing the Internet.

Keep your computer up to date.

Keeping your software updated is a critical step toward protecting yourself from the latest digital threats. This includes keeping your operating system updated with the latest version and security patches, as well as other software you regularly use (e.g., your web browser and email client). BrowserSafeguard updates automatically to ensure your internet security is always current.

Use strong passwords.

Simple passwords like "password" or "guest" can be easy to remember, but they are also very easy to guess or hack. Using simple passwords is almost like not using a password at all. Hackers will attempt common passwords first when attempting to access your accounts, so do not make it easy for them. Be sure to use a combination of letters, numbers, and mixed case when choosing passwords.

Beware of phishing scams.

Phishing scams attempt to convince you to give up your sensitive information, like bank account usernames and passwords, directly to hackers. They do so by posing as a websites you know, use, and trust. Always double-check the URL in the address bar of your browser before logging in to banking websites! BrowserSafeguard protects you from phishing scams by automatically checking the sites you visit against a database of thousands of phishing sites.

Shop smart online.

Deals that sound too good to be true are probably too good to be true. Hackers sometimes set up sites with amazing deals with the sole purpose of leading you to a checkout page where you willingly give them your credit card number.

Following these tips will help you stay safe online, but no security is complete without BrowserSafeguard.

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